Peter and Rachel S. - Home Buyers

We have been so pleased with our home buying experience! Robert is always available when we need him and has been such a pleasure to work with. Buying a home can be very stressful and Robert always put our minds at ease. I can not thank him enough for finding us the most beautiful home that we can raise our family in. I will defiantly be recommending Robert to all my family and friends who are looking to buy or sell a home. We really got lucky with Robert!! I can not thank you enough for everything you have done for my family and I. Thank you Robert Contreras!!

Lenora B. - Seller

"Robert did an excellent job of marketing my house. He also took a care of scheduling any updates or repairs that were needed and helped greatly in negotiating the best price and conditions of sale. Robert was always available if I had any concerns about the sale. Over the years I have sold 4 other houses and this was definitely my best experience. "

Matthew G - Home Buyer

My experience with Robert has been the best experience I've had with not only real estate professionals, but just about any professional services I've needed.

We were out of town buyers and were having a very difficult time finding any agents in the area who were helpful or would even take us seriously. We would find a home on the internet and send it to an agent only to get the run around or told it wasn't in a family neighborhood or even odd things like the shingles are hard to replace. We got just about every "you don't want that one" response possible from about 4 agents. We were starting to lose hope and feel like no one would really want to work with and more importantly FOR us.

Luckily, one day I was browsing YouTube for videos about the area we wanted to move to and came across some cool videos from Robert about fun and interesting things to do in the area. Little did I know he was a real estate professional. I can't recall directly how I discovered that he was, but through the videos I got his contact information and threw a message in a bottle his way hoping he would be able to help us.

Shortly thereafter, we found ourselves on a video conference discussing what we were looking for as well as setting realistic expectations on what we could afford and how rough the market in this area is right now. I appreciated his willingness to do a video conference instead of a phone call. It felt more personal since we were out of town.

Currently in our area, it is considered a "seller's market" where the demand is higher than the supply which makes it much harder to find a home, let alone the perfect one. With this in mind we embarked on our journey together.

Shortly thereafter we found one that we really loved, but as the state of the market suggested, we were quickly outbid by other buyers.

Finally, we found one that was just about right. It had it's wrinkles and rough spots and was a bit small, but we immediately loved it and asked Robert to take the reigns. Since we were from out of town, we couldn't tour the home before making an offer, a terrifying idea, but Robert was THE ONLY agent not only wiling to get out there right away, but he also took full HD video of the whole house for us with commentary. Previous agents weren't even willing to take more than two or three pictures of houses for us.

Within a couple of days of this house being on the market, Roberts quick responses allowed us to make the first offer, and within what felt like minutes, he had the offer letter drafted and sent via email for me to e-sign and we were officially under contract. I should mention we already had a pre-approval letter from our lender (who I am also reviewing on Yelp) which saved a bunch of time. So be sure you have one before you go shopping!

From there everything became a rush of steps. I immediately selected my own inspector (who I also reviewed on Yelp some time ago) and flew out there to meet Robert for the first time. He picked me up at the hotel when I arrived and we went out for coffee before meeting with the inspector and he explained everything to expect and that I should ask as many questions as I can think of. Robert was nice enough to spend several hours that day at the house with me and the inspector as we went over everything. After the inspection, we received the report within an hour (again, check my Yelp review on the inspector) and Robert came back to my hotel and drove me to his office where we went through the inspection line by line. As my agent, he was not allowed to help me make any decisions, but I really appreciate his willingness to let me talk out loud about what and what not to go back to the sellers with.

Once I had made up my mind, Robert drew up the paperwork with me right next to him in his office and went over it several times to make sure he didn't miss anything and we were able to send it back to the sellers that evening.

The following couple of months were rough, including delays from appraisals and items not being completed by the sellers and we were forced to stay in a hotel room for a month, when we had originally planned for only a week.

The only thing that kept me sane was knowing Robert was checking progress and contacting parties on a daily basis and keeping me posted. He really went way above and beyond his duty as an agent making sure no one got lazy and forgot there's a family sitting in a hotel room every moment that ticks by. He didn't have to do any of that for us, but he knew how overwhelmed we wall were and took a lot of that stress off of us.

This process was literally touch and go right up to the last minute and Robert was there, on evenings and weekends, making sure that everything kept moving and that everyone was focused on getting this finished.

I'm honored to be the first Yelp review for Robert and I hope to see lots more in the future. If you need an agent, meet him before you decide on anyone, you won't be disappointed.

Bruce & LouAnn S. - Sellers

"Robert was the best d*mn real estate agent we've ever had!"

Pete and Kim R. - Home Sellers

Our experience with Robert was over the top. His knowledge in the field help guide us in the sell of our home. Robert was always in contact with us letting us know what was happening during the entire process of selling the home. Not only did Robert have the knowledge in selling the home he also became a good friend. I just can't say enough and would recommend Robert to anyone selling or buying a home. Thank you Robert

Dave and Jen R. - Home Sellers

My wife nick named Robert "Brass Knuckles." He will fight for you until the job is done. We ran into some snags because of a tricky market and Robert guided us through the rough waters. No sales pitches or sugar coating; Robert will tell it like it is and give you realistic scenarios. He receives the highest marks for ethics; highly recommended. A tireless worker and very familiar with the legal side of real estate. He will go the extra mile and is savvy and intelligent. Thank you Robert!

Chris and Sue B. - Land Sellers

Bob is thorough, easy to work with, and stays on top of the entire process. My wife and I highly recommend him!

Thomas and Jennifer M. - Home Buyers

Robert went above and beyond to make sure the process was smooth - there was never a time we felt out of the loop, and he was always available to answer any questions we had. No pressure, no pushy sales pitches. Phenomenal.

Maria F. - Seller

"Robert, thank you again for all your help in selling the house on Maple st. It was a pleasure working with you. Once the house was listed, I felt I could sit back and relax because it was in good hands. Thanks again."

Craig and Kelly R. - Home Sellers

Would highly recommend using Robert as your Realtor! This was our first time selling a house and he walked us through all of it in an easy to understand way. Provided us plenty of information on our specific market and did a wonderful job of both advertising our property as well as pricing it competitively. If my husband or I had a question, he was readily available to contact with answers and made sure to keep us updated from our first meeting to our closing date. Both friendly and professional, I would work with him again on future transactions if we were staying in the Kitsap region!

Brandon H. - Seller

"Robert was great to work with. He was fun, easy and very knowledgeable and helpful. You could tell that he had your best interests in mind and heart. I would recommend working with Robert with either buying or selling a home in his native Kitsap or any surrounding area."

Jason and Sherry I - Home Buyers

Robert has helped my wife and I find a home. He has gone out of his way (literally with all the traveling) to help us find the perfect place to spend the rest of our lives. This is our first ho me purchase and he has been very supportive in helping us understand the entire process.

Brandon and Jennifer H. - Home Sellers

Bob is the kind of guy you can trust that will give you the real scoop in real estate. A pleasure to work with he will help you buy or sell a home. You won't regret working with Bob and he actu ally makes the process FUN! :-)

Keith and Nancy P. - Home Buyers

My husband Keith & I purchased a home in Port Orchard with the help of our realtor Robert Contreras. We were very happy with Bob helping us find a new home. Thank you Bob for all your expertise you gave us.